Chief Architect Premier x10 Crack With Product Key Download

Chief Architect Premier X10 Crack brings efficiency to its users as it provides improved quality and speed in the design process. The software is equipped with powerful building and design tools, enabling users to plan faster. However, the speed increase is not an indication of poor design quality, as the platform ensures that the created plan is in accordance with the standard build process.Chief Architect Premier X10 Crack makes it possible to create an immersive and engaging design with its clever object design capabilities. This allows objects to be formed from configurable items derived from actual manufacturers’ products. Lively construction plans can also be created with the software. Chief Architect Premier X10 Crack is achieved by automatically converting walls and other drawn objects into 3D objects while the design process is taking place. It also makes it easy to switch between 2D and 3D views during the modeling and editing stages.

While Chief Architect Premier X10 Crack provides powerful architectural design tools, it also provides its users with another powerful tool, the CAD engine.Chief Architect Premier X10 Crack allows users to quickly manipulate objects, generates CAD minutiae, and read AutoCAD files. The 3D display along with virtual tours helps in demonstrating the user’s design. The one who will assist in the actual construction of the project is the construction drawings. The software provides its users with a set of tools for creating a complete multi-view of the project – from floor plans to elevations and framing section details. This gives total control over the layers to help create the home or building is designed.Chief Architect Premier X10 Crack developers understand that the building or home being created is not the only thing that is relevant. The location where it will be built and the landscape around it are also essential factors. Therefore, the software allows users to add or configure some details on the exterior and surrounding areas of the building.

Use powerful construction and drawing tools to quickly plan according to standard construction practices and make the design process efficient and productive. With automatic and manual building tools you can create a variety of roof styles, stairs, framing – both pole and truss, cut, buy and estimate schematics and bill of materials, sizing, cross-sections, Elevations, and CAD tools.Chief Architects Premier X11 uses smart design objects, such as cabinets, to quickly and easily create different styles, shapes, and sizes. Chief Architects Premier X11 works with specific manufacturers (cabinets, appliances, doors, windows, countertops, and floors) so that styles, finishes, and other product-specific design details can be accurately drawn and displayed.

As you draw walls, the program will automatically create a 3D model and support full 3D editing. Chief Architects Premier X11 lets you design in any view for seamless and simultaneous editing between 2D and 3D. Advanced rendering offers both photo-realistic and artistic styles such as line drawing and watercolor. An extensive 3D Library of architectural objects and tools makes it easy to detail and accessorize your designs so that styles, finishes, and other product-specific design details can be accurately reproduced.

Chief Architects Premier X11 has a powerful CAD software engine with lines, polylines, splines, arcs, and solids tools to produce objects that range from custom input columns to a general ledger detail. Edit objects quickly by copying, aligning, reflecting, and replicating multiple times at specific intervals. A CAD-to-Walls tool imports AutoCAD® files and provides mapping for layers so you can quickly see the model in 3D. Draw custom CAD details, import as DWG / DXF / PDF, or choose from over 500 CAD details in the premium SSA catalog to overlay your design.3D renderings and virtual tours help you sell the project and construction drawings help you specify, permit and build. All views in your project – Floor plans, Framing, Electrical, Section Details, and Views have a user-defined scale and a link to a specific drawing that will be updated as your design changes. Layers control what is displayed for each of the drawing pages to help create professionally detailed construction drawings.


  1. Powerful graphic designer
  2. A complex set of graphics tools
  3. Process multiple views and cost estimation functions
  4. A multi-tabbed environment with lots of powerful tools
  5. House planning and interior design features
  6. A complete home planning environment
  7. Provides typical CAD tools with reasonable exceptions
  8. Provides full support for adding various objects
  9. Designing and furnishing the houses
  10. Plan floors, space, and interior designs
  11. Create 2D and 3D projects and visualize the ideas
  12. Landscaping baths, rooms, kitchens, and house plans
  13. Edit the materials, colors, textures, and more



  1. Found the software easy to understand and use, especially with the available 3D vies showing on split-screen next to the floor plan, also with the detailed QS breakdown, accurately estimating material needs is a breeze. With the online tutorials and ideas, you can design in no time


  1. With all software, there is a bit of a learning curve, especially with the rapid changes in versions that add substantial changes to the software in terms of materials and objects that can be used.

Minimum System Requirements:

A multi-core processor (CPU)
Video card:
1 GB dedicated video memory or 4th generation or newer Intel Integrated Graphics Chipset
OpenGL 3.3 or higher for a Windows PC
OpenGL 4.1 or higher for a Mac
5 GB of available hard disk space
internet access
4 GB memory (RAM)
64-bit Windows 7/8/10 or;
macOS 10.12 / 10.13 / 10.14 (Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave)

HOW to Install Chief Architects Premier X11

When the installation file is completely downloaded, the installation wizard will start automatically. If not, browse to the location where you saved it and double-click the file with the title of your Chief Architect Premier X10 Product key program in its name, followed by a version number. Welcome to the Installation Wizard

1. If you have not installed the program before, the Welcome screen will appear. Click Next to continue.

2. When you install the program for the first time, this window will not be displayed. If you have installed it before, this window will appear so you can reinstall or remove it.

3. Read the license agreement carefully. Before installing, you must accept its terms and conditions.

• In the Windows version, click the Advanced button if you want to specify a non-default installation location, exclude additional content from being installed, or choose whether to create a shortcut on the desktop.

• Click Install to install the software. The installation wizard copies files to your hard drive, which may take a few minutes

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