Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack for Mac 2021 Free Download

Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack Mac is a complete suite of advanced utilities that are extremely helpful in initializing, managing, repairing, and optimizing your Mac system. Drive ToolBox 2 includes 12 different utilities and a free bonus program to help you perform everyday operations such as speeding up a slow Mac, managing partitions, defragmenting fragmented Mac hard drives/volumes, repairing corrupted volumes, encrypting confidential data, erasing unwanted sensitive data, etc.Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack Mac is a program that aims to act as a complete toolkit app for Mac that combines as many tools as possible for everything you need to maintain your Mac regularly. This includes repair, management, optimization, deletion of unnecessary files and objects, and even virus protection and security. After noticing these tools, we decided to do a software review of Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack Mac to see if the program is another successful product created by Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Stellar Drive Toolbox is a pack of 13 utilities that can help you maintain, optimize, and repair your Mac hard drive. Each of the 13 included software offers specific functions to meet any hard drive need or problem. Here is the list of included utilities and a brief description of the features offered:Surface Scan examines the surface of the Mac for bad sectors; With Drive Initialize you can initialize a new hard drive by formatting it in HFS + or FAT32: it is able to manage GUID, Apple, and even MBR partitions to make the drive usable with Mac and even Windows; Benchmark and Drive Performace are two tools that allow you to evaluate the read and write performance of the hard drive, compare them between different systems, as well as see if the drive needs to be formatted;Volume Repair examines the drive for errors and to fix them you can also check and repair permissions. Crap Remover is a tool that can clean the disk and free up space: delete duplicate files, find the largest files, delete cache and end universal binaries. Drive Stats shows all the information and statistics related to the hard drive: Free Space Optimizer is basically a defragmenter: it groups files and folders for faster access and group sectors and free space in the last sectors of the drive.

Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack for Mac OS 2021 Torrent Free Download

Manage Volume is essentially a partition management utility: it allows you to create and delete them, as well as shrink Mac volumes without having to format them. Stellar Drive Toolbox Registration Key  is a utility that takes snapshots of our hard drive and then allows us to recover deleted or accidentally deleted files. Raw Data Editor is a tool intended for more advanced users that allows you to edit and delete corrupt or damaged raw data directly. Finally, we remember to Wipe for safely deleting data stored on the hard drive and Drive Clone: it allows you to create exact copies of the entire hard drive and also create images that can then be used to move the system to its previous operating condition in the event of an accident. or mistakes.

Because we continue to use the system for adding and removing data or applications, the storage is fragmented and we cannot make optimal use of the storage space. It also degrades system performance. Here, the Stellar Drive Toolbox Registration Key  is used to efficiently perform defragmentation and file arranging for optimal use of space and to improve performance. Stellar Drive Toolbox is offered in an introductory offer with a 30% discount: instead of the suggested retail price of 78 euros, it is available for 54 euros. We remind you that the free demo version is also available, which can be downloaded from this page of the official website.


  1. SuperSpeed for Mac
  2. Optimize and manage the hard drive
  3. Improve your driving performance
  4. Clone and restore your drive
  5. Maintain data privacy and security



  1. Simple 4-step recovery process.
  2. Preview feature that lets you see what you are about to recover.
  3. Able to recover data from HDD, SSDs, SD cards, pen drives, etc.
  4. Available for both Mac and Windows PC.


  1. Recovered files are not saved accordingly.
  2. Cannot preview every file type.

System requirements

Processor: Intel, PowerPC (G3 or higher)
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard disk: 50 MB free space

How to install:

Steps to Install Stellar Drive ToolBox 2

  1. Extract the Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack file
  2. After decompressing, double-click the .dmg file. This will activate a virtual volume – Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack Mac.
  3. Drag the Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack Mac file to the Applications folder. To start the software, double-click the Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack Mac file in the Applications folder.
  4. This displays the license agreement. If the user accepts the license agreement, the software will start; otherwise, it stops


In short, the Stellar Drive Toolbox Crack Mac is the type of program that is very easy and pleasant to use, and with so much automation, it’s easy to forget it’s installed on your Mac. This makes it almost unnecessary to speed up your Mac again. Not only this but it is also a great disk repair program and also a perfect backup and file encryption utility.

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