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MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 Crack is a handy and reliable application whose main purpose is to install multiple live Linux distributions on a removable disk, which is made bootable in the process. The value of such a tool is undeniable, given that it is able to automate the installation of Linux distributions while reading a flash drive for boot operations.MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 Crack is suitable for anyone who needs a quick and effortless method to install the Linux operating system without any complicated setup or advanced knowledge in the field. Another benefit is the portability of the program. Just put it on the removable disk and launch it, without worrying that it will affect your system’s registry.The MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 Crack works with ISO files, which you can load with a special dialog. Creating the live distros is just one click away and can take a while, so you need to be patient. The conversion process uses two third-party software namely Syslinux for the MBR installation and 7-Zip for the ISO extraction (this is the part that takes the longest), but these are included in the download package, therefore you are not required to install them before starting the MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 Crack .

The generated distributions are neatly displayed in the main window, from which you can remove or hide them. If you plan to test them, you can use the QEMU utility included in this program, especially for this purpose. In conclusion, MultiBootUSB is a utility worth checking out for system administrators who often work with Linux installations and distributions as it can significantly reduce their efforts.Various portable Linux distributions require a reliable and professional application that can automate performance and create bootable Linux distributions. It comes with a powerful environment for generating bootable Linux distributions on removable storage devices such as USB drives and pen drives. It is a stable and well-built application to take with you anywhere and does not require any installation process.For a few of the portable Linux distributions, there is a need for a reliable utility that could automate the workflow and create bootable Linux distributions.

MultiBootUSB Keygen provides a reliable environment for creating bootable Linux distributions on detachable storage gadgets, similar to USB drives and pen drives. It is a very lightweight utility and in itself a portable program that you can keep anywhere and use without installation.This MultiBootUSB Keygen provides a plug and plays environment for the Linux distributions, so the customers can use the OS without installing it on the PC. All it takes is an ISO image of one of the Linux distributions and creates dwell distributions with just one click. Overall, it is a reliable environment for creating a bootable USB drive for dwell Linux distributions. MultiBootUSB Keygen computers generally take up less space than desktop systems. They are not suitable for full-time use, but they are if you want to surf the web for an hour, then shove them under the couch or put them in a drawer.


  1. No drop-down list.
  2. Automatic detection of ISO files.
  3. The installed distro can be removed when needed.
  4. Keep the USB drive clean.
  5. Test USB without rebooting (with QEMU)
  6. Simple user interface.
  7. Hide distro installation (windows only).
  8. No installation (Windows).
  9. Support for more than 150 distributions and counting.



  1. only a single partition required
  2. all ISO files can be found in one folder
  3. Adding and removing ISO files is easy


  1. not all ISO images are compatible
  2. the original boot menu for the ISO file is not shown
  3. it can be difficult to find a working startup entry

Technical details of Portable MultiBootUSB 9.2

Here are some technical details of Portable MultiBootUSB 9.2 before downloading.

Operating System: Windows 10/8/7
File size: 24 MB
RAM: 100 MB

What’s New in MultiBootUSB 9.2.0

April 4, 2018

Welcome aboard Shinji Suzuki. Most of the bug fixes and additional features that have been implemented are performed by him. Big thanks to him

  1. Fix for crash under Windows
  2. Redeployed Debian persistence feature on Linux and Windows
  3. Improved partition detection type
  4. Allow specification of the target drive in lowercase in the command line interface
  5. Added option to specify persistence option from command interface with ‘persistence-size’ or ‘p’
  6. Better conversion of syslinux configuration files to grub compatible files (loopback.cfg)
  7. Prevent the command line processor from being installed over an existing installation (similar to GUI)
  8. Fix distro detection out of sync after removing a distro
  9. Multibootusb remembers the persistence size when trying the next distro (with persistence feature)
  10. Better detection and GPT devices under Windows
  11. Fix Linux (ubuntu16.04) incompatibility (7zip encoding)
  12. Fix multiboot USB crash when installing standard syslinux
  13. Please provide feedback after a successful or unsuccessful installation of syslinux
  14. Clean common code

How to Installation:

On Windows:

The Windows version of MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 Crack is not a standalone program. You need to install it after downloading it.

Download the latest binary installation file (.exe) here

The installation is quite simple. Double-click on the executable file and follow the on-screen instructions.

On Windows:

Download and install the following packages:

Python 3. I am using python version 3.5, but it should work on higher versions too.

PyQt5 and installation instructions are here

wmi module



Git, if you want to contribute back to the MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 Crack project

Installation and configuration of the above packages/modules are not part of this documentation. You have to use Google for that.

If you have properly installed Python on Windows, we recommend that you use pip3.exe to install the above packages.

Download the source code of a stable version from here or the development version from here

Open the command prompt with administrator privileges and go to the MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 Crack directory.

Issue the command python3.exe MultiBootUSB 9.2.0 Crack to start the GUI

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