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KMSAuto Full Crack

KMSAuto Full Crack LiteĀ  Portable is the strongest activation product that can easily activate all kinds of windows in grandson moment. No professional skill is required to use this activator. Just start the KMS Auto Lite and click on the Activate button.KMS Auto nonfat check four is that the best things for Windows are all reasonably activating Windows with persistent activation of Windows Server Microsoft workplace. It conveniently activates the Microsoft workplace 2010 from 2013 and own the workplace 365. The package can also be used for activating Windows 10. It can also activate Windows 7 or Windows 8. There is also robust operation of Windows 8.1. It’s an eternal substance for all workplace and Windows merchandise. Kms Activator for Windows 10 is also here. KMSAuto Full Crack nonfat is the best substance for all Windows. He can change a lot in Windows’ revenue. it is a graphics program. The package comes with some of the changes within the bug fixes. The activation package for Windows that is supplemented by the Windows Activation Technologies. it is a descriptive substance for all merchandise in the workplace and Windows. It is a single product in Microsoft Windows content that contains dead edition like Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 with ideal and fold method. KMSAuto Full Crack Net is the activator of Microsoft products such as Windows and Office. It gives you the option to activate any version of Windows from 7 to 10 without paying a penny to Microsoft.This activator does not send spam to your PC, but activates your Windows in such a way that it gives the impression that it is the original copy of Windows.

Rather than just activating Windows, this great activator will help you activate any version of Microsoft Office. It doesn’t matter if your Office version is 2003 or 2016, all versions will be activated.While this can help you activate the latest version of MS Office, namely 365, no other activator offers the functionality that this tool provides.KMSAuto Full Crack is not just a Windows 10 activator, but more than you might expect. It is the multi-function activator that offers you many other functions instead of just activating your windows.KMSAuto Full Crack can be used to activate versions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc. This means you don’t have to download and install different triggers to install other versions.It can also be used to activate your Microsoft Office; You can activate MS Office 2006 to 2016, including Office 365.The design of this tool is impeccable, you don’t need a professional guide to install or activate your Windows while using it.This tool is 100% safe and virus-free, while other activators contain viruses or Trojans that seriously damage your computer.

This is why KMS Auto is more famous among people because it is easy to use and very reliable. KMSAuto Full Crack works in the same way as Microsoft’s KMS server. The KMS stands for Key Management Server and is used for large companies.As you know, these companies have too many computers and it is a very difficult task to buy a copy of Windows for each computer and then activate it. That’s why Bill Gates created this KMS server for these companies.Every time Windows is updated, your machine will activate automatically without entering the key.Automatically detects the KMS server on the computer, which is connected to each other. KMSAuto Full Crack also follows the exact process to activate your Windows.Every time you activate your Windows, it connects to the KMS server, after which Windows thinks it is a real network. Instead, you can even install it with the keys.The keys that KMSAuto Full Crack provides you are always the last keys used to activate your windows. In addition, activate MS Office in a few clicks.


  1. It will activate all types of Windows.
  2. Install the Windows version of AN exit.
  3. It supports Win panorama.
  4. it is compatible with all windows.
  5. It’s terribly easy to use.
  6. It supports all languages.
  7. It has embedded malicious code.



  1. Very light in size.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. With KMSPico you can also activate Windows Server.
  4. Activates all versions of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.
  5. 100% safe and secure.
  6. It can activate all versions of Microsoft Office from 2003 to 365.
  7. It does not require an internet connection.
  8. Virus and Trojans.


  1. No option to activate Windows 7.
  2. It asks for the administrator’s permission.

Minimum System Requirements:

The .NET Framework 4 package must be installed on your computer.
You must log in as an administrator or it will not work.
5 MB of free hard disk space is required for installation.


  1. Installing AutoKMS Windows 10 is a bit different from installing regular software. Because you must have disabled your antivirus program before proceeding with the installation process.
  2. If you do not disable your antivirus or Windows Defender, your AutoKMS Windows 10 will be deleted. Don’t fear viruses, it’s 100% safe but the reason is that Microsoft blacklisted it by activating Windows OS.
    As you know, activating Windows or other software using a third-party activator is a hack. That’s why they blacklisted the KMS Auto-activator.
  3. Okay, now let’s talk about the installation process.
  • First, as I told you before, you need to disable your antivirus or Windows Defender.
  • Now extract the file and enter the password (you can find the password here).
  • Once extracted, double click the icon and an installation window will appear.
  • Follow all steps in this window, after which AutoKMS Windows 10 will be installed on your computer.

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