iStat Menus 6.60.1176 Crack For Mac OS X + IOS [Latest] Full Version

iStat Menus 6.60.1176 Crack For Mac OS X + IOS [Latest] Full Version

Istat Menus 6.31 Crack For Mac users specify whether the program should start automatically at system startup by checking the Open at login box that appears on the application’s welcome screen. To disable the program, just click on the pause icon in General Settings and close the app.

Although version 6.31 does not have a special dark mode setting, the program adjusts most menu backgrounds to match the light and dark appearance settings configured in the macOS general system preferences. Istat Menus 6.31 Crack also let you customize the color of menu bar icons, borders, drop-down menus, and charts.

iStat Mac Menus 6.60.1176 Crack + Keygens

macOS users choose whether to also display iStat menus Crack Full Version notifications. Notifications support sending an alert, banner, or both for a comprehensive list of options including CPU usage, battery status, memory pressure, disk space, and temperature, all with custom thresholds specified by the user, although the program provides default settings for this Unknown with common operating ranges.

The convenience and customization options that Istat Menus 6.31 Crack with License Key provide make the program a useful utility that many will choose to automatically load at startup, especially if you want to take a moment to adjust which settings are displayed in the menu bar of the Mac. Other users will also choose to set notifications for specific alerts. Regardless of the choice you make, Istat Menus 6.31 Crack Reviews are sure to help you better understand how your Mac works.

iStat Mac Menus 6.60.1176 Crack For Window

In the settings you can also change the update frequency from very slow to fast, depending on how accurate you want your information to be. In the notification settings, you can set alerts for all the different aspects that iStat monitors. For example, you can ask to be notified when your CPU usage exceeds 50% for 10 seconds or to see a banner-style notification when your IP address changes. Rather than just tracking the condition of your computer, Istat Menus 6.31 Crack with Serial Key can also track the weather outside for you. When enabled, it can retrieve your specific location and display hourly weather conditions.

With this feature, you can easily view the weather in the menu bar and you don’t need any other weather application. It is very useful. You can enable Istat Menus 6.31 Crack in the notification center as a widget. It allows you to quickly glance at various elements without the complex information displayed in the menu bar. The widget works with both light and dark mode. At the time of writing, iStat menus are only available for Mac. You can download it from the iStat Menus website or the Mac App Store.

iStat Mac Menus 6.60.1176 Crack With Activation Key

You can take advantage of a 14-day free trial if you download it from the Download Istat Menus 6.31 Crack website. After you find it useful to you, you can buy a single license for $ 14.99. If you already have an older version, the upgrade costs $ 9.99 for the latest version. If you need iStat menus on multiple computers, there are also family packs of 5 licenses available for the price of $ 19.99. Family packs contain 6 months of weather data.

Istat Menus 6.31 Crack are also available through the Setapp subscription service. Setapp has a 7-day free trial, and then you have to subscribe for $ 9.99 per month. It provides access to hundreds of apps per month.



  1. Weather updates
  2. Customizable notifications
  3. Customizable color and theme options
  4. Extensive CPU and GPU monitoring
  5. Memory monitoring and statistics
  6. List of sensors and their real-time readings
  7. Battery and power information
  8. Free 14-day trial
  9. Weather with current temperature, hourly forecast, weekly overview, and much more.
  10. Refined menu bar items, drop-down menus, and other aspects are consistent with the new design of macOS 11 Big Sur.
  11. Notifications based on CPU, network, disk, battery, weather, and other events.
  12. More colors and theme options, including light and dark vivid drop-down backgrounds for menus.
  13. Shortcut keys to open and close drop-down menus, for quick keyboard access.
  14. Additional options like clocks in the menu bar with double lines and shortened text to show more in less space.
  15. Reorderable drop-down menus, with the option to hide sections. Editable dropdown chart colors.
  16. Improved accessibility. Improved and new localizations


Istat Menus 6.31 Crack

Istat Menus 6.31 Crack

Istat Menus 6.31 Crack


  1. Monitor switches: You can choose to monitor any combination of systems you want. Each category has its own toggle on the main interface that you can remove if you’re not interested in displaying that information. You can also drag and drop the icons on the top toolbar to rearrange them as needed.


  1. The information displayed in the program will not be useful to anyone without a decent level of computer knowledge.

Minimum requirements:

OS X 10.8 or higher,
64-bit processor 1 GHz
Disk space 100 MB
Good graphics

How to install:

  1. After the download is complete, double click “iStat Menus.dmg” to open the disk image;
  2. Drag “iStat Menus” to the application “Applications” folder to complete the installation;
  3. Open the program dock “starter” (small rocket icon) at the bottom of the desktop, then click “iStat Menus” to open the software, click “install” in the welcome interface and it will start automatically after installation is complete, click Click “Activate”, enter the serial number in the “More •••” folder of the installation package to activate Istat Menus 6.31 Crack.


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