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iMindMap 12 Crack + Portable Key (Latest 2022) Free Download

Imindmap Crack  is an idea management solution suitable for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries such as education, aerospace, technology, animation, and more. Its main features include idea arrangement, brainstorming tools, collaboration, flow charts, and presentation tools.Imindmap Crack includes several tools for visualizing ideas, such as mind maps, radial maps, and a “brainstorming” view. These visualizations allow users to organize and structure information, sketch projects, and view workflows and team roles. The solution also provides users with a presentation mode that allows users to present information.In addition, Imindmap Crack  offers split screen mode, icon and image libraries, and filtering based on configurable tags. The solution can be deployed on premise or hosted in the cloud and also provides users with mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.


Avast Internet Security Crack is a highly visual mind mapping software that uses a wide variety of graphic tools and elements to help you create and organize ideas and concepts, nurture your thoughts and turn them into reality. Known as one of the best mind mapping platforms in the market, Avast Internet Security Crack uses the elements of color, images and visual spatial planning to encourage you and your fellow users to improve your mind mapping activities.

Visual cues and aids have proven to be very effective in improving recall in contrast to conventional practices such as note-taking and learning by Rote. Avast Internet Security Crack vibrant approach to mind mapping helps make this happen. Creativity is essential in every brainstorming session. IMindMap gives you a wealth of tools and features such as large image and icon libraries to spark creativity and inventiveness, and Smart Layout to help you spatially structure your mind maps in the neatest, most organized way.

The spatial layout gives a better overview of your ideas and projects, allowing you to see more possibilities and connections and to play with your thoughts and concepts and associations on each topic. Visually loud mind maps are quite effective in creating and implementing plans. IMindMap’s visualization makes it easy for you and your team to understand even the most complicated data practice your thinking skills, and spot opportunities. Services are offered for a one-time fee, including phone, email, product guides, and online FAQs support.


  1. Tool for drawing branches
  2. Edit pop-up menu
  3. Flow charts
  4. Image and icons
  5. Multiple cards
  6. 3D rendering
  7. Project View
  8. Branch Art
  9. Templates
  10. sketch
  11. Paste special
  12. Works synchronously
  13. Relationship Arrows
  14. Boxed branches
  15. Freehand branches
  16. Smart layout
  17. Styles
  18. Tidy
  19. Pack up and go
  20. Mind Map Library
  21. Software importers



  1. Good implementation of the mind mapping concept.
  2. Active in development with cool new features added with new releases.
  3. Mind maps are now shareable from desktop to iOS devices.
  4. “This is the best mind map software out there. It had tons of features and visualization modes. It’s great for brainstorming, note-taking, project planning, and more.”
  5. “This one is difficult because I love everything from imindmap, from the different styles to all the presentation options available that make it easy to present my work anywhere and how I like it.”
  6. “Good implementation of mind mapping concept. Active in development with cool new features added with new releases. Mind maps are now shareable from desktop to iOS devices.”


  1. The implementation on the Mac is just OK, not very optimized, and the app is downright slow on older computers and not even very impressive, even on new fast machines.
  2. Nothing in the controls is specially integrated with the Mac OS.
  3. No toolbar integration

Minimum requirements:

  1. Supported Devices
  2. Windows
  3. Android
  4. IPhone / iPad
  5. Mac
  6. Web-based

How to install:

  1. Go to the download button above and click Download.
  2. Select a link to download; in you will see the full version of all software on the internet.
  3. Once the installation file is downloaded, click on the Imindmap Crack  installation file to start the installation.
  4. Select the software installation language and click OK.
  5. The installation window will pop up, click Next to continue
  6. In the Choose a file location window, you can change the installation file path by clicking Browse … to change it, or leave it at the factory default and click Next
  7. Then select the hard drive you want to put Imindmap Crack on and click Select Folder.
  8. Go to this window; click Install to run the installation.
  9. Please wait for the installation process to take place.
  10. Then there will be a notification of successful installation, click Run Imindmap Crack to run the software.
  11. In the License Agreement window, click Agree to continue with the installation.
  12. If you have already purchased the key, click I have a serial number to enter the license key to use, and if you want to try the free version, click I want a FREE trial.
  13. In the account login section, log into your Imindmap Crack account if you already had it before, click Register now to register a new account.
  14. Below you enter your full name, the commonly used email address in the available field, and the Organization section is the company name.
  15. In the Phone number section, enter your phone number. Username is the username, below is twice the password.
  16. The last part is How will you use Imindmap Crack, here you will see 3 options for personal use (personal), educational use (education) and business (business). Selected, click Register.
  17. Please wait for the account registration process to complete.
  18. If the Imindmap Crack registration account is successful, click Continue to use Imindmap Crack
  19. Select the language of Imindmap Crack and press Select to set the language for the software.

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