Sony Catalyst Browse Suite Crack + Serial Key [Latest] Download 2021

Sony Catalyst Browse Suite Crack + Serial Key [Latest] Download 2021

Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack Free Download 2021:

The Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack Production Suite, from Sony, consists of Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit. These are two 4K compatible programs designed for production and post-production. Catalyst Prepare is a robust software package with many options to help you bring your media card footage to your editing system. Catalyst Edit is a simple, easy-to-use NLE.

Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack with product key  is not designed to compete with other more developed non-linear editing systems, such as Sony Vegas Pro, but it is there to continue the work you started within Catalyst Prepare and become a finished edit with titles and credits. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a capable little editor – it is, as we’ll see.

Sony recently released an update to its Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack Reviews and Catalyst Prepare 2020.1 update. Catalyst Browse version 2020.1 is free and allows you to browse and manage XAVC S and XAVC HS video clips taken with a Sony camera.

Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack Prepare 2020.1 is not free, but you can convert, copy, and prepare all your Sony recordings before you start editing your recordings. Let’s take a closer look at these

Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack With Serial Key:

Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Key  is a free Windows / Mac software that allows you to browse files from your Sony camera/deck/card reader. With this tool, you can view all your clips, edit metadata, and even apply a general color correction / LUTs to your footage. Once done, you can select your clips and copy them to a local hard drive / NAS.

However, I think one of the most used features on Sony Catalyst Browse Suite 2021 Full Version is the image stabilization feature. Indeed, the software can use gyro data recorded by cameras such as the FX6 / FX9, Sony a7S III, a7C, RX0 II, RX100 VII, and ZV-1 to accurately stabilize your footage in post.


  1. The latest version of Sony Catalyst Browse 2020.1 includes several changes such as:
  2. Added support for XAVC S (AVC) / XAVC HS (HEVC) media.
  3. If a clip has Flag metadata (previously referred to as Status in the inspector pane), an OK, NG (bad), or Keep indicator is displayed in Browse mode.
  4. Added support for clip rotation metadata in clip thumbnails and preview.
  5. Added support for displaying image orientation metadata on the File tab in the Inspection Pane.
  6. You can now filter your clips in the media browser by file type, file format, creation date, or highlight metadata.
  7. Added support for reading and viewing XAVC S clips with 48 kHz, 24-bit, 4-channel audio.
  8. It is now possible to stabilize XAVC, XAVC S, and XAVC HS clips using metadata.
  9. Added support for writing, renaming, and deleting clips in the XDROOT folder for SxS and USB storage via FTP on the PZW-4000.
  10. Added support for creating non-real-time (NRT) metadata for discontinuous timecode and essence markers when
  11. Catalyst creates new non-real-time metadata during MXF clip copy operations.
  12. Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack Support for connecting to FTP devices using fully qualified domain names.
  13. Added support for reading ISO sensitivity with long integers and Exposure Index metadata.
  14. Added support for macOS 10.15 (Catalina).
  15. Improved clip stabilization processing time when viewed on an NVIDIA GPU.
  16. You can edit your video. You have a great number of options: you can improve the contrast, color, and a lot more in your video. You can improve an even sound. Work with 4K video.


Catalyst Browse Suite Crack

Catalyst Browse Suite Crack

Catalyst Browse Suite Crack


  1. Sony RAW 4K, Sony RAW 2K, XAVC Long, XAVC Intra, XAVC S, XDCAM 422, XDCAM SR (SStP), DNxHD, ProRes (OS X), AVC H.264 / MPEG-4, AVCHD, HDV, DV, XDCAM MPEG IMX, JPEG, PNG, WAV, and MP3.


  1. Everything like. At the moment I have not found a problem with the program. It would be better if there were more lessons.

System requirements:

Windows 64-bit operating system: 7 or 8.1
Mac OS X: 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10
CPU 2 GHz processor (multicore CPU recommended for HD; 8 cores recommended for 4K)
RAM 4 GB (8 GB recommended; 16 GB recommended for 4K)
Graphics hardware NVIDIA, AMD / ATI or Intel GPU supporting OpenGL 2.1, OpenCL 1.1 with 512 MB memory (2 GB for 4K) or CPU with SSE 4.2 or higher
Disk space 500 MB disk space for program installation
Hard Disk Speed SSD or high-speed RAID for 4K media
Internet access required for product registration and activation

How to install:

Method 1: Install the app manually
Note: Only download and install programs from trusted publishers and retail sites.

  1. First, open your favorite web browser, you can use Safari or any other browser
  2. Download the Sony Catalyst Browse installation file from the trusted link above on this page
  3. Or you can download from this link: Download Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack
  4. Select Save or Save As to download the program. Most antivirus programs such as Windows Defender scan the program for viruses during the download.
  5. If you select Save, the program file will be saved in your Downloads folder.
  6. Or, if you select Save As, you can choose where to save it, such as your desktop.
  7. After Sony Catalyst Browse download is complete, double click on the .exe file to run the installation process
  8. Then follow the Windows installation instructions that appear until you are done
  9. Now the Catalyst Browse Suite 2020.1 Crack icon will appear on your desktop
  10. Click the icon to run the application on your Windows 10 PC / Laptop.

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