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The Advanced Driver Updater 2021 Crack scan took a little longer to complete than DriverScanner, Uniblue’s driver utility, but it managed to find a significantly higher number of outdated drivers. While Advanced Driver Updater 2021 Crack found updates for 5 of our system drivers, Advanced Driver Updater found updates for 16 of them. From the scan results page, the software displays driver-related information in a simple, clean format. For example, the information provided us with details about the hardware, release dates of the old and new drivers, and more. Preparing to update drivers with Advanced Driver Updater is quite easy.

There is a box next to every outdated driver information. To prevent a specific driver from being updated, users simply remove the check mark from the box. We unchecked one box and let the Advanced driver updater crack download and install 15 up-to-date drivers. From start to finish, the driver update process took just over 20 minutes, which is understandable given that several drivers were over 50MB in size. Finally, when the driver update process was completed, we ran a follow-up scan to verify that our new drivers installed without any issues; they did.

Advanced Driver Updater downloads

Advanced Driver Updater downloads drivers from a database that contains more than 15 million driver files. This database contains drivers for all major versions of Windows, including XP, Vista and versions 7, 8, 8.1 & 10. In addition, with drivers for 64-bit versions of Windows, this database is comprehensive enough to support the drivers in most Windows systems up to date.The drivers retrieved by Advanced Driver Updater are 100% safe. The system obtains these drivers directly from manufacturers, not from outside sources. As an extra precaution, Systweak even scans these drivers for malware. But even if all these precautions are taken, there is a possibility that certain drivers are causing problems. Due to this capability, Advanced Driver Updater Torrent has backup and restore function. Before installing new drivers, Advanced Driver Updater creates a backup point so users can quickly and easily revert to older drivers if needed.

It is quite clear that Advanced Driver Updater is designed with ease of use in mind, the driver update process is divided into easy to follow steps and most of these steps require very little input from users. If users choose to do this, the entire driver update process can be automated. While there aren’t many options to tweak in this Advanced Driver Updater KEY , major tweaks such as removing certain drivers from the update list are easy to make.Systweak provides great support to their customers.

Their website has a dedicated support section with a knowledge base, FAQ and newsletter. Systweak support staffs also respond to support inquiries by phone and email. Advanced Driver Updater even has helpful links to the Systweak website in the top right corner of the main menu.Systweak Advanced Driver Updater downloads drivers is clearly one of the best driver related system utilities out there. The scans are thorough and it downloads drivers from an incredibly large, constantly updated database. Most importantly, this software installs updated drivers quickly and easily. Finally, with additional features that protect users’ systems and further increase ease of use, Advanced Driver Updater is a system utility that we highly recommend to all PC users.


  1. Scheduler – This feature is perfect for users who want to automate their system utilities. It schedules scans for outdated drivers, so users never have to run manual scans.
  2. One-Click Driver Installation – The One-Click Driver Installation feature of Advanced Driver Updater allows users to update their system drivers with a single click. Again, this is an excellent feature for those looking to automate their system utilities.
  3. Scan, download and install the latest drivers for your system with a few simple clicks to improve system performance.
  4. You can easily make a full backup of the existing drivers or specific drivers on your system with Advanced Driver Updater.
  5. Advanced Driver Updater downloads drivers can exclude those drivers that cause system instability due to compatibility issues. In subsequent scans, such drivers will not appear in the scan results and will not be updated.
  6. Regular driver scans can be easily scheduled with Advanced Driver Updater. These can be scheduled on predefined dates and times, such as every day, every week, or just once to run automatically.
  7. Advanced Driver Updater is fully compatible with the latest operating systems available in the market.



  1. Good customer support
  2. Selective driver update
  3. Scans the downloaded update files
  4. Simple scan list


  1. Relatively low personalization options
  2. No built-in removal preferences

Minimum requirements:

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

What’s new?

  1. User-friendly interfaceModem drivers including webcam drivers.
  2. Improved keyboard and TV card drivers.
  3. All the latest drivers for the motherboard.
  4. The software provides drivers for Bluetooth and a monitor.
  5. WLAN drivers and Wi-Fi drivers.

How to Install

  1. If you found the Advanced Driver Updater 2021 Crack in the Windows Store, you will see its name and logo, followed by a button below. The button will be marked as Free if it is a free app, or displays the price if paid.
  2. Alternative app: Driver Pack solution online
  3. Click the button and the installation will begin. Then you can click Open when it is done.
  4. Download and install
  5. If you’ve already installed the app on another computer, it may say Install instead

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