Actual Multiple Monitors v8.13.3 Crack [Latest Version] Free Download

Actual Multiple Monitors v8.13.3 Crack [Latest Version] Free Download

Actual multiple monitors Crack is a multiple monitor management tool from Actual Tools that provides a number of features that owners of multiple monitors will find useful. The 3rd version, which we have reviewed, was recently released with some great new features such as expanded support for Windows 7.Since Windows does not support an additional taskbar on every monitor, applications that add their own taskbar do so by manually implementing the functionality of the Windows taskbar.

Most such tools only implement the basic look and feel of the Windows taskbar for switching applications, but Actual Multiple Monitors 3 goes all the way.

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Windows 7’s taskbar is a complicated piece of work, with features like Jump lists, live window previews, progress indicators, and a lot more. Actual multiple monitors Crack Free Version 2021 manages to duplicate almost all of those great features. Just by looking, it’s impossible to tell if it’s the original Windows taskbar or Actuals, Multiple Monitors.

Actual Multiple Monitors 3 ‘ offer is to set individual slideshows on both monitors, or alternatively a static image in one and a slideshow on another. Actual Multiple Monitors 3 also allows you to select individual screensavers for each monitor.

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You can create multiple profiles, each with a different display layout, wallpaper, and screensavers. Using profiles, you can quickly switch between different monitor layouts and orientations with just a few clicks. Truly Multiple Monitors also adds two buttons to your title bar, in addition to your minimize, maximize, and close buttons to maximize a window on both screens or to move a window from one screen to another. These actions are also available from the right-click menu in the title bar.

Since some windows such as Skype, Steam, Winamp, Office 2007 applications, etc. have a different window layout and do not use the standard Windows title bar, you can specify custom settings for them. A small, but very useful feature of Actual Multiple Monitors is that it can display the task switcher on both monitors instead of just one. Normally, the task switcher appears on the primary monitor only when you press the alt-tab.

Features of Truly Multiple Monitors

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after the Actual Multiple Monitors 2021 free download.

saver in a multi-monitor mode.

  1. The software makes window navigation quick and easy on the secondary display.
  2. True multiplicity speeds up the allocation of windows within the extended desktop.
  3. The new software version provides different types of desktop mirrors to improve workflow.
  4. Actual multiple monitors Crack with Activation code allows you to divide the very large desktop or any monitor into different non-intersecting areas.


Actual multiple monitors Crack

Actual multiple monitors Crack

Actual multiple monitors Crack



  1. If you want to be more connected and accessible to clients or other professionals in your network, you’ll find that a second screen can make this much more feasible.
  2. While you may use the primary screen for most of your work, you can always open your email or Twitter in a second browser. While this practice is normally associated with reduced productivity, using a second screen for this purpose can still help you stay focused on your work, while being able to quickly scan what’s coming through (and react quickly) with little impact at work.
  3. Many designers work from laptops and don’t sit at one desk every day. Setting up an additional monitor is now easy with most laptops.
  4. Actual multiple monitors Crack allows the designer to have a home office with a dual-screen setup, but still flexible as it is easy to disconnect the second monitor and take the laptop anywhere. Installation is simple and it only takes a minute to take the laptop elsewhere.
  5. Not only do most designers work with multiple programs at once, but data sharing is also very common, such as copying code from one application to another or opening an image in Dreamweaver created in Photoshop. All of these things can be streamlined with the help of a second screen. Moving from one screen to another is often easier than using multiple applications on one screen.


  1. With all the benefits of having multiple screens, it is only reasonable to consider the potential downsides of having more than one screen. While there aren’t many, they should be considered.
  2. Probably the biggest downside to having more than one screen is the added risk of distraction.
  3. It’s easy enough to get distracted when working with just one screen, and even more so when adding something to it. I mentioned the ability to use the second screen to keep your email or Twitter always open.
  4. While this is potentially a good thing for communication purposes, it can also be a productivity killer without any resistance to distraction. It really depends on your workflow and your own personal preferences.


Operating System: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Memory (RAM): 1 GB RAM required.
Hard Disk Space: 30 MB of free space required.
Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or higher.

How to install

Follow the steps below to install the program on your computer:

  1. Run the downloaded installation file (e.g. ammsetup.exe).
  2. Follow the installation instructions displayed on your screen.

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